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TAPx 2 TAPy Overview

The TAPx 2 TAPy module allows a user to convert a TAP file from any TAP3 release to any other TAP3 release (both upwards and downwards). All TAP3 releases up to 3.11 are supported. Stay synchronized with the latest TAP3 releases by using the TAPx 2 TAPy module to convert a file from any TAP release to any other. Exploit this module to reduce or completely eliminated conversion fees paid to Data Clearing Houses.

Online demo

Click here for an online demo.

Features - Usage

The interface of this module is depicted below:

Usage: TAPx2TAPy <options>
Where mandatory options are:
                input TAP file
                output TAP file
                where version can be 3.11, 3.10, 3.9, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2 or 3.1
and optionally,
                Filename of xml file with values for conversion globals
                Update AuditControlInfo
                output version number
                increase verbosity (you can use it more than once, e.g. -vv)
                this help message

As seen from the mandatory options, the module accepts as input a single TAP3 file and a target TAP release number, and produces as output a single TAP3 file.

The module may also accept as an optional input an XML-based configuration file that provides values for certain parameters of the conversion process. Optional argument "-fixup" instructs the converter to update AuditControlInfo after the conversion, making sure that any aggregate-related fatal errors are corrected.

The module returns an exit code of 1 if the conversion failed for whatever reason or 0 otherwise.

You can "glue" this component with a simple script monitoring a directory (perhaps an output directory of your rating engine), and automatically convert all your TAP-out files to the desired version for your target PMNs. The simple but complete interface allows chaining this module with existing processes and systems or using it in conjunction with other modules to provide more complex solutions for your installation.


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